Services and Solutions


Alex provides a wide range of services to cater for multiple areas of Information Technology.

In addition to providing general support and advice, he is able to provide solutions for all of the IT services below as well as a wide range of other useful solutions.

Please see the information below for more details.


Alex works with hardware and software vendors to provide his clients with:

- Operating Systems and software
- Servers, workstations and PCs
- Peripherals such as printers
- Network & security devices
- Storage & backup requirements

He strives to obtain the best possible prices from suppliers and passes these savings through to his clients.

Network Design & Implementation

Alex provides consultancy around both the planning of a new computer network, or expanding an existing one with new functionality.

For larger installations, expert third-parties may be used to help speed up the process.

Backup solutions

Whilst each client may have different backup requirements, one thing is for certain - not backing up your data can be a fatal mistake.

Alex will assess your backup needs to help create a solution that's right for you.

Many solutions are available, from local server backup through to online & offsite solutions.

Email management

Email is a vital business tool and needs to be managed accordingly. Alex provides various options using best-of-breed products and will advise on the correct solution for each client's requirements.

Of particular importance is the careful management of:

- Spam (unwated nuisance email)
- "Phishing" emails
- Emails containing viruses
- Mailbox sizes
- Message archiving


Information security is an ongoing challenge both at work and at home.

Company data is a highly valuable asset and businesses need to be in full control of their system security.

Alex can provide guidance around security and will typically recommend one or more of the following solutions:

- Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
- Traffic filtering
- Externally hosted resources
- Internet firewalls
- Malware protection software (e.g. antivirus, antispam)
- Secure networks

Hosted Services

The latest industry buzzword is "The Cloud". Cloud computing is the use of computer technology whereby scalable resources are provided “as a service”, on the Internet.

This is just one of the options available to companies who are seeking to avoid keeping and maintaining computer equipment in their offices.

Alex can provide the complete hosted office environment encompassing external servers, online backup solutions & storage and of course the terminals to work on.

A worthy alternative is the "Remote Server" to which users connect over the Internet, providing a one-stop-shop solution for many small companies' needs.


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