All of Alex's clients have come about through referral and positive word of mouth recommendation.

Here are some of his clients' comments:

Alexander Harris IT has provided BPI with outstanding IT support right from the inception of our business in 2003. He has built and maintained a stable multi-location IT platform for over 20 users that has been critical to our business and success. He is service orientated, rapid response and able to put solutions in layman’s terms that have enabled us to make informed first-class IT decisions." Patrick Buckley, Buckley Prichard International Ltd

"Fast, efficient and with solutions that helped our business"
"The first IT provider who took the time to understand our needs and create a solution"
"Thank you so much for working to our tight deadlines"
Will Barnes Yallowley, LHH Residential LLP

"I approached Alex following a recommendation from a business colleague. Being embarrassingly uneducated on IT, I needed some help in identifying and acquiring the right hardware and software for my own business and domestic needs. Alex delivered and I was pleased to use his services again when I set up my own business consultancy in 2008."
Toby Marden, Marden Associates

"Having Alex on hand has been invaluble for a technophobe like me. As a writer working from home I absolutely rely on my computer and whenever I've had any problems with it Alex has been able to get to me fast to sort it out, as well as making sure software is up to date and everything is running as efficiently as it can. I have no hesitation in recommending him - especially if like me you don't have an in-house IT department to call on."
Jo-Anne Nadler, Writer & Broadcaster

“Alex always sorts out our IT issues with speed and efficiency - whether it’s replacing a zapped hard drive or resolving software glitches. But it’s not just about fixing things when they go wrong, Alex ensures all the IT in our home office runs much more efficiently than before.”
Carole Seawert, Copywriter

"Alex has provided us with a number of IT services and has done so in our language, on time and well within budget. We have no hesitation in recommending him to others."
Harriet Fallon, Lawyer

"I am a self confessed techno-phobe of the "if it does not work, switch it off and back on variety"; Alex has shown me the light that this does not always work! I describe him to my friends and colleagues as my "IT Guru". He has been of huge help to me and my business; from advising me on what computers to purchase, what broadband and networking system to use, to installing that system, to annual servicing and also instant (and often remote) issue rectification should it arise. He is a one stop shop for all things computer related - and manages to talk in layman speak rather than techno-geek!"
Tony Fox, Vehicle Specialist

"I can thoroughly recommend the IT services of Alexander Harris, always prompt, professional and friendly, extremely knowledgeable and willing to help with any query. A hassle free solution to all the IT needs of a small business." Helena Riches, Posh Space Ltd

“Alex Harris has a comprehensive knowledge in the field of computers. Accordingly he has become an essential prop to me and my family in all matters relating to the efficient operation of our computers and their hardware. His quick response to our calls for assistance or advice, always resolves the problem at hand and is always effective. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Alex to anyone seeking a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient computer expert to resolve or to advise on computer related issues. In addition, I have always found his charges to be reasonable.” Derrick Scott, Consultant